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Get It Done

An extensive multiuser site in which a team is give a flow chart of tasks/ decisions and is guided through the site to accomplish tasks.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5.

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Steve DiStefano Portfolio PHP

Philly Fun Day

Static website created during a hack-a-thon simulating a day trip to Philadelphia.

Technology: Google Maps API, TripAdvisor Widgets, GitHub, JavaScript, jQuery.

Steve DiStefano Portfolio PHP

Visit Parga

Inspired by my travels, showcasing my front-end abilities and design.

Technology: JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5.

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Steve DiStefano Portfolio PHP

Room Assignment

A management site for assigning offices and support data. The site makes extensive use of SVG image maps.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Illustrator.

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Steve DiStefano Portfolio PHP


A management site for assigning and tracking tasks. This site mimics Google Calendar in look and functionality.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Full Calendar, DataTables.

Steve DiStefano Portfolio PHP

Mustang Travels

Static website showcasing my front-end abilities with API's, CSS transitions and PhotoShop.

Technology: JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, API's.

Steve DiStefano Portfolio PHP


Full MEAN website created to whimsically mimic an online shopping experience.

Technology: AngularJS, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, NodeJS, CSS3, HTML5.

Steve DiStefano Portfolio PHP

DS Education Solutions

Nonprofit organization created to support educators

Technology: LAMP - PHP, MySQL, Apache, jQuery

Steve DiStefano Portfolio PHP

Coming Soon

I'm working diligently, learning new technologies and enhancing the ones I already know. More exciting designs on their way!!!

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About Me

I started college as a dual major with psychology and computer programming as my focus. I was good at programming and enjoyed it but as I looked over my life, I felt very blessed. It was full of people who had given selflessly to me. They helped me navigate a turbulent time and successfully make it to the other side. Thus I felt compelled to give back. I wanted to make a difference, like so many others had done for me: so I became a counselor.

A time came when I looked at my counseling career: I knew that I made a positive difference in numerous lives. I felt blessed for the opportunities I had, but a new chapter was waiting to be written.

That new chapter began with me taking what I had learned and experienced and bringing that to a career in web development. I am doing this by utilizing my counseling skills to listen and communicate with clients, hearing what they want then tapping my developer knowledge to offer suggestions and guide the client to the best solutions. I passionately use my analytical abilities to design and create a robust and user friendly sites that meets the client's goals and needs. Lastly, my relentless pursuit of excellence means the site is delivered on time on budget, and flawless.